Criminal Lawyers (Legal Specialist) in Sydney

Criminal Lawyers (Legal Specialist) in Sydney

About Us

We get it. Hiring an attorney is probably one step below getting a root canal in your favorite things to do. You do it only because you need to, not because you want to.

How to choose? Let us help you.

Australian Legal Specialists is a premier law firm in Sydney. We have over 16 years of experience as solicitors in Sydney and have experienced attorneys in family, criminal law and need Sydney criminal lawyers or traffic law matters.

Equally important to our superior law experience is that our attorneys are approachable. We deeply care about your law troubles and how they are affecting your personal and family life.

We listen. We care. And we will explain all your legal options in plain English.

There is no Ivory tower at Australian Legal Specialists, and no, you won’t see a slew full of Mercedes in our employee parking lot.

Although we are superior solicitors, we are just like you. Hard-working Australians who know the law can be somewhat difficult to understand and that our fellow Australians need our help.

In essence, Australian Legal Specialists are here to simplify your life with regard to legal issues, so you can get on with the rest of your life.

We are the local attorneys that you can trust. And really, isn’t that what need when selecting a solicitor?

We combine extremely hard work with a modern approach to the law that you can immediately feel the moment you come into our office.

With Australian Legal Specialists, you will feel you are in good hands.

Come schedule a free consultation with our attorneys today to experience the Australian Legal Specialist difference.

We can then explain your options and break down every step that happens in court in plain, old-fashioned English.

When it comes to your legal issues in Sydney and the surrounding area, don’t you deserve the best?