The Pallet Man

The Pallet Man is your expert in Sydney Pallets so call us today.


The Pallet Man is the largest seller of pallets in the Sydney area and that’s a fact.

There is no one that competes with the Pallet Man for our sheer inventory and our customer service. Say the word and we can deliver hundreds of pallets within hours, and sometimes this is necessary when you have a particularly large business order.

And unlike some of the smaller companies, the pallet man has a large selection of inventory such as plastic pallets which may be more expensive initially but will last for many years.

For pallet sales, the Pallet Man is king in terms of both price and selection, and we already have them in stock.

In addition, we save companies thousands of dollars per year by reconditioning their old pallets. Reconditioned pallets typically cost you 20 to 40 percent of the cost of new pallets.

Each year the Pallet Man turns diamonds from coal so to speak by reconditioning old pallets.

Finally, there is our round-up service. Many companies, in the course of doing business, get hundreds of pallets just stacked up at places such as construction sites.

Somebody has to pick those pallets up, and the Pallet Man can do it much cheaper than you can do it yourself. Just let us know where to pick them up and we will dispatch a truck to do so.

And before returning to you, we can pressure wash them for cleanliness and also sort all the pallets out of the batch that need reconditioning.